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  • When will my product be shipped out?
    Once we receive your order and payement confirmation, we make it our priority to prepare and ship out your product as promplty as possible with your selected courier service.
  • Pre order items
    An estimated consigment time will be displayed in the product description and we will make it our priority to get these out as soonest possible. If any delays might apear due to high demand we will get more elves in to help create your item and let the you know with the estimated consigment time.
  • Where are our products made
    Our products are all handcrafted in Italy in our little lab. We are passionate about using Italian material.
  • How do I wash my products
    All of our products should be either hand washed or delicate washing mode in cold or lukewarm water, we do note recommend using a tumble dryer. Products that are suitable for Ironing should be done on a low to medium temperature. All our products provided with a label containing the specific instructions for each handcrafted product. If you have not received the washing instruction kindly let us know and we will provide these to you as promptly as possible.
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